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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to my blog,  “Heal Eczema From Insideout”.

This blog is dedicated to providing information to help you heal eczema (dermatitis) and other skin troubles, especially ones at the chronic stage. Having an education and keeping the knowledge updated is very powerful so that you can have optimized health as long as you like.

First of all, I am a strong believer in holistic medicine or Bio-regulatory medicine. People sometimes call it an “Alternative medicine”, “Integrative medicine”, “Natural medicine”, etc. But I like to call it “Holistic” or “Bio-regulatory” as I love how it means to our health. While health and healing require our attention to emotions, physical manifestations, beliefs (what our brain thinks it’s true), and voice of the heart, the mechanical part of our body so called the bio-regulation system to achieve homeostasis (wholeness) rebalances and reverses a disease process towards its earlier developmental phases. When everything in harmony, we never struggle with health.

The main role of holistic medicine is to treat our body without any conventional approaches such as over the counter medications or prescription drugs. Instead, this practice honors organic whole foods, medicinal herbs, supplements, and homeopathic tinctures that support natural healing mechanisms in our body.

While conventional medicines such as cortisol cream just “bandage” your symptoms (itch, swell, redness, dryness, pain, discoloration, etc) that are present at the time so you think you no longer have them, the truth is that you just suppressed what your body was trying to tell you, and ask for help.
Symptoms are signs of chemical imbalance and/or toxic overload in the body. In addition, they are psychosomatic most of the time. (I will talk more about psychosomatic later, as it possesses the important part of healing chronic eczema forever.)

Your job is to listen and support the body to do its job, not to suppress it. This includes changing the diet, lifestyle, the way you think (your belief system), and eliminating toxins physically and emotionally. Adding herbals and nutritional supplements in your daily regime are absolutely necessary. Our body is so complex that there isn’t the only “one” reason that your health has gone down this far (chronic). There must have been several signs that you ignored. In order to win back your health from the chronic stage, you need to approach with the proper support that suits the moment you are in. You may need just dietary changes or add one supplement to heal completely. But from my experience, people at the chronic stage need the whole “support package”.

My job here is to share my healing journey to prove you that you can have the healthiest skin ever again like I did. I had so many ups and downs (mostly downs to be honest) since 2011. But I promised myself I would finish what I have started….. to heal eczema.
Well, here I am, in spring 2016, my chapter of healing from eczema is coming to an end. And yet, I am about to start my new chapter to heal the world. I want to be there for you when you feel upset, frustrated, sad, disappointed, or other negative emotions, especially depression caused by eczema like I was desperate to find someone like me. I hope my words and information on this blog can encourage you to keep moving forward with your health until you have it. Though, God only knows how long individuals could take to have what they want to have. It took 5 years for me to finally feel comfortable showing my skin. Sure, I frankly wanted it to happen a lot sooner but really… I am grateful for my journey. And I wish you to feel the same one day…

And here is something I want you to remember.

♥ Everything happens for a reason.
♥ Universe challenges you at every chance it gets.
♥ Body knows how to heal. Let it do its job by supporting it.
♥ Nature heals us.
♥ Healing direction is from the inside out and from head to toe.
♥ Healing has already started at the moment you believe it in your heart.
♥ Healing requires self-love and patience.

Happy Healing~

Use of Heal Eczema From Insideout

Terms and Conditions


While I was still having many ups and downs on my healing from chronic eczema, I wanted to create this blog to share my journey with people who are going through the same, and having uncertainty whether they would ever heal the condition or not.

Bottom line…  YOU WILL. To be more specific, YOUR BODY is always trying to heal.

Your job is to support your body do its job. This will depend upon the input and output of toxic burden. What we want is to minimize the input and to maximize the output of toxins in the body.

You can think of a “water barrel”, water as toxins and a barrel as our body.


When the barrel isn’t full, there is a space for more water. And as long as the water is drained from the faucet regularly, it will never be overflowed. However, if it starts overflowing, that’s the symptoms and signs trying to warn us something needs to be changed. Pains, headaches, rash, allergies, and all other types of inflammation are the sings of imbalance in the body. But because our body is always trying to heal, we don’t either recognize the signal as symptoms goes away after a certain period, or don’t want to acknowledge that there is something out of balance in our body as healing requires a commitment for us to make.


It’s totally up to you whether you want to get to know yourself better through your healing journey or not. Isn’t that a part of our purpose in our lives?

Well…Why am I saying this?

Because the healing isn’t that simple. You may change your diet, lifestyle either partially or completely, or relationships… Those sure will help your healing. But it’s not that simple (AGAGIN!). We are complex. Diseases are multifactorial. There are multiple layers that you have to peel in order to overcome challenges (obstacles) like an onion. Physically, emotionally, and spiritually…

When I was super desperate to find ANY information to cure my condition in 2011, I had never found practitioners who mentioned nutritional therapy, psychotherapy, and bodywork such as acupuncture, body talk, and so on, all together. They are a “Bioregulatory” approach. (I will explain more about this approach later)

I don’t know how many of you reading this believe our body’s “psychosomatic responses”. But I do. This is why I am in a much better place as of now (2017. Jul). The most of diseases is caused by both physical and emotional traumas. That being said, we need to look after our body and emotions.

I will be introducing what processes that I had gone through in order to achieve the physical healing and emotional healing. I hope the information could become some references to your healing journey.

Healing takes time (there are no magic pills for the true healing) but you will get out of the darkness one day as long as you are moving forward.

Let’s start with listing what you are grateful for today…








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